Flicker of Emotion

In Flicker of Emotion:  Chronicles of Penny, Marc, Bill, and Amber, the excitement in Penny’s marriage has disappeared, and although she and Marc have two children, Marc is focused on making a living, and Penny is feeling ignored, and these feelings lead her toward Bill.

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Penny always envied her friend Amber, but lost touch with her over the years.  Amber comes to visit and confesses to Penny that she had killed her own children by letting them drown.  Amber let her children drown, and then blamed it on her husband, who was drunk and didn’t remember what he did or where he was, and so was convicted of the heinous crime.  Penny didn’t believe it at first, but later, after she discovers Amber’s new beau is a sexual predator, starts to believe that what she told her is true, and goes to the cops.


This is a story of a trying friendship unfolds with suspense and intertwined webs of romance, lies, alcohol abuse, as a plethora of strange events climax, the story conveys deep emotions, and vivid images.


Friends Failing Forever

Friends Failing Forever:  The Story of Cassie & Gina is a story of how Gina, the never-ending party-seeker, constantly needs a caretaker—or babysitter for herself and her young daughter–and how her BBF, Cassie, decides she can’t be that person anymore, and leaves Gina out to dry—dry up, hopefully.  Periodically, Gina tries to better herself–like getting a job from which she later gets fired, as she gets angry at a child.  

Cassie, in contrast to Gina’s hooker-look, is attractive, stylish, well-educated, and employed, and prefers to keep it that way rather than party with Gina.  Cassie falls for Gina’s brother, Carl, and after sharing stories of Gina’s lies, he encourages Cassie to leave Gina to fend for herself, which ultimately leads to Gina’s tragic death.

Friends Failing Forever is the seventh book in the series.  Be sure to check out the others, available on Amazon.


Victory via Deceit

Victory via Deceit is about a woman who marries her best friend, and when she is diagnosed with Hepatitis B, she questions Matt’s infidelity.  Money becomes tight, as Matt is in real estate, and the economy is dwindling, yet after following him and discovering he has male partners he is spending money on, she wonders who she really married.  They end up losing their house, Blair loses her job, and begins a path of self-destruction, until Matt threatens to take their daughter away from her.  What waits around the corner for Blair as she begins her new life deceiving people to hide her past?

This  story of confused sexual preference and dysfunction within the family, unfolds with its suspense and intertwined webs of romance, lies, sex, crime, and a plethora of unusual events as they climax, as it conveys deep emotions, and vivid erotic images.

This is the 6th book in the Garbage Collector Series and is available on Amazon.

Enticed to Evil

This is a story of a very dysfunctional family, and may look like other dysfunctional families that you know. 

Rick cheats on his wife, bringing his girlfriends to his own home.  Vanessa turns a blind eye to his cheating for the sake of their son, David.  David ends up falling for his father’s latest conquest, Christie.  Jake, Vanessa’s new lover is….  Problems erupt between David and Rick.

Available on Amazon in paperback, for the Kindle, and in audio.  Also available on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.


Enticed to Evil is the fifth of a series of books. Be sure to read the others.

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Cashing Out Death

Cashing Out Death:  Gretchen’s Story is another tale of suspense, crime, lies, sex, and  romance, all leading to several deaths with its plethora of unusual circumstances are intertwined with deep emotions.  Gretchen has learned through her own experience that men are worthless, and has chosen her lifestyle of drinking, smoking, and gambling. 

She loses her house, and sells her belongings to support her habits, all leading to destruction of self and others.

This is the fourth novel in the Garbage Collector Series and is available on Amazon.

The Third Novel in the Garbage Collectors Series

Karma in Overdrive is based on a real-life character.  Trish is desperate for love, and finds a man who treats her the way she believes she should be treated.  However, what starts out to be romance and a happily-ever-after life for Trish, ends up with her losing all and going through a series of failed romances, calculating that all men are jerks, which ultimately leads her to self-destruction.  

You may be surprised as to who comes to her rescue.

Karma in Overdrive is the third novel in the Garbage Collector series and is available on Amazon.

Fib to Folly

My second novel, Fib to Folly: The Chronicles of Gabbi Trancy, my main character Gabbi loves her wine almost as much as she loves her men. fib_to_folly_cover_for_kindleBut being the attention where that she is, she couldn’t hang in there when her marriage needed mending, and instead ran to an old high school sweetheart, making up stories that her husband abused her so all would feel sorry for her. When friends would confront Gabbi with their disbelief of Travis’s abusiveness, she would say that he puts on a good act. Gabbi got what she wanted—for a while. However, shortly after she thinks she has everything she wants—karma comes back to haunt her, and we find her in the worst situation.
Could it be a tragic ending for Gabbi and those involved…?

Fib to Folly is the second in the Garbage Collector series and is available on Amazon.