My very first novel was Moochers in Crime: A Dirk and Patsy Story and tends to be a bit graphic. Hang on to your seat as this thriller story unfolds with its anticipation and interlaced web of sentiment, untruths, sex, wrongdoings, and plenty of uncommon occasions as they peak, and create profound feelings and vivid sensual pictures. What begins to be sentiment between Patsy and Hank winds up having an unforeseen resolution for Patsy and Dirk.

This novel may appear frommoochers_in_crime_cover_for_kindle the beginning to be startling, however, this situation can happen around you; you may know somebody who has a mystery life much the same as my characters. Patsy makes up stories of abuse to make tracks in an opposite direction from her spouse whom she is tired of, and tired of not having much. Soon after she decides s she can profit when she whores herself—first to men, then to women. Dirk and Patsy join criminal strengths, with Dirk being Patsy’s pimp; later Patsy arranges to groom her young girl for high school prostitution. Patsy and Dirk’s rich lifestyle has them using up cash in a brief time, so they always think of approaches to mooch off other individuals. The point when that is no longer sufficient, Dirk decides to take cash from his elderly parents who have indications of dementia, and afterwards plots to kill them—twice.

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. A very intense book!! You can’t put it down!

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