Fib to Folly

My second novel, Fib to Folly: The Chronicles of Gabbi Trancy, my main character Gabbi loves her wine almost as much as she loves her men. fib_to_folly_cover_for_kindleBut being the attention where that she is, she couldn’t hang in there when her marriage needed mending, and instead ran to an old high school sweetheart, making up stories that her husband abused her so all would feel sorry for her. When friends would confront Gabbi with their disbelief of Travis’s abusiveness, she would say that he puts on a good act. Gabbi got what she wanted—for a while. However, shortly after she thinks she has everything she wants—karma comes back to haunt her, and we find her in the worst situation.
Could it be a tragic ending for Gabbi and those involved…?

Fib to Folly is the second in the Garbage Collector series and is available on Amazon.


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