Enticed to Evil

This is a story of a very dysfunctional family, and may look like other dysfunctional families that you know. 

Rick cheats on his wife, bringing his girlfriends to his own home.  Vanessa turns a blind eye to his cheating for the sake of their son, David.  David ends up falling for his father’s latest conquest, Christie.  Jake, Vanessa’s new lover is….  Problems erupt between David and Rick.

Available on Amazon in paperback, for the Kindle, and in audio.  Also available on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.


Enticed to Evil is the fifth of a series of books. Be sure to read the others.

  •  Moochers in Crime: A Dirk and Patsy Story
  • Fib to Folly: The Chronicles of Gabbi Trancy
  • Karma in Overdrive: Trish’s Circle of Death
  • Cashing Out Death: Gretchen’s Story
  • Victory Via Deceit: Blair’s account of sexual fraud
  • Friends Failing Forever: The Story of Cassie and Gina
  • Flicker of Emotion: Chronicles of Penny, Marc, Bill, and Amber
  • Vacation from Hell Story of Jeannetta & Dee
  • Road to Revenge: A Stripper’s Story

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